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Video Chat Apps
Video Chat Apps

Top 11 Video Chat Apps in 2022

What are the best video chat apps? video calls are the second best thing for personal communication. We’ve rounded up the 11 best video chat apps to help you find the one that works best for you.

Whether you’re looking for clarity on a business project or simply want to connect with people, video calling apps provide the virtual face time you’re looking for. We’ve rounded up 10 popular options, including an easy-to-use table outlining the advantages and limitations of each. They are all fairly free, so try out a few winners to help focus on the best video calling option for you.

Best Video Chat Apps in 2022

Best Video Chat Apps
Best Video Chat Apps in 2022

Below is a selection of software we love, apps with great reviews, or innovative new features we think you’ll enjoy using. All premium video chat apps are cross-platform and free to use, but some have payment options to get more features to use.

1- Zoom: Best Overall Video Chat App

A popular choice for business conferences, classrooms, and all virtual meetings alike, Zoom is the best all-in-one video chatting app choice. It works great on both desktop and mobile devices with options to display only the person speaking or the entire group. Hosts can also organize webinars where they are the only ones with video and audio. It’s free to use, but there is a 40-minute time limit for three or more users unless you choose one of their pricing plans.

  • Works with: Windows and macOS (desktop), Android and iOS (mobile)
  • Max users: 100 until paid subscription

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2- Facetime: Best for iPhone Users

iPhone users are likely familiar with Facetime, which is a video chat app built into Apple devices. It works on iPhone, iPad and macOS devices. It’s easy to make calls from a group text or from the middle of an audio call. Note that Facetime calls will not work for Android users.

  • Works with: macOS (desktop) and iOS (mobile)
  • Maximum users: 32

3- WhatsApp: Best for International

WhatsApp is a popular messaging app all over the world. You can also make audio and video calls for up to four users. Calls are on a phone data plan or via WiFi, so voice calls don’t consume your phone minutes. As it is far-reaching, it is the best choice to keep in touch with your international loved ones.

  • Works with: Windows and macOS (desktop), Android and iOS (mobile)
  • Max users: 4

4- Google Duo: Best for Android

Google Duo is the latest app from Google that is perfect for video calls between Android and iPhone users. Unlike Facetime, Google Duo is perfect to use when you have friends without iPhones. The app has an innovative feature called “Knock Knock” where you can get a preview of who’s on the other end of the line before accepting the call. We also love Google Hangouts for business calls.

  • Works with: Windows and macOS (desktop), Android and iOS (mobile)
  • Max number of users: 12

5- Facebook Messenger: Best for Families

Facebook Messenger
Facebook Messenger: Best for Families

Facebook Messenger is a separate app that allows you to easily chat and video call with your Facebook friends. Video calls have a maximum user limit of 50 users, which is more than most social networks with video chat capabilities. Since it’s possible that your extended family already has a Facebook account, it’s easy to get hold of – even if you’re not completely tech savvy.

  • Works with: Windows and macOS (desktop), Android and iOS (mobile)
  • Max users: 50

6- Skype: Best for Work

For professional calls, Skype is the best. In addition to video chats with a maximum of 50 users, Skype also accommodates screen sharing and real-time translation in their chat feature. It’s also easy to sign up if you already have a Microsoft account.

  • Works with: Windows and macOS (desktop), Android and iOS (mobile)
  • Max users: 50

7- Houseparty: Best in App Games

Unlike most video chat apps, Houseparty allows you to join “home” and then others in your contact list can come in and out. This allows you to reconnect with people you might not think were video chatting. Houseparty also has great games included, such as headers, trivia, and ending song lyrics.

  • Works with: Windows and macOS (desktop), Android and iOS (mobile)
  • Max number of users: 8

8- Snapchat: Best for Teenagers

Snapchat: Best for Teenagers

Teens love Snapchat for its social features that allow you to share videos and photos within 24 hours. When chatting, users can switch to video calls with a maximum of 16 users. Snapchat has cool filters built in for fun ways to change your look.

  • Works with: Android and iOS (mobile phone)
  • Maximum users: 16 users with video and only 32 audio

9- Discord: Best for Gamers

Discord is a popular app for people to chat while playing video games, but many don’t know that it actually allows video calls with up to 25 users. Discord has handy features, such as the ability to change the volume levels of other users during a call and you can create multiple channels for different groups, all while playing games.

  • Works with: Windows and macOS (Desktop)
  • Max users: 25

10- Marco Polo: Best for Busy People

Marco Polo calls itself the “Video Walkie Talkie”, as it lets you send short videos to your friends. Unlike Snapchat, Marco Polo actually saves videos in chat, so you can come back to them in the future. It’s a great way to connect with your loved ones when you can’t choose a specific time to video chat.

  • Works with: Android and iOS (mobile phone)
  • Max users: 200

11- Instagram: Best Social Network

Instagram is a popular social media app for viewing photos of your favorite celebrities and friends. In addition to the main feed, it has a chat feature that allows you to easily switch to the video. You can also make live video calls with your friends as well.

  • Works with: Android and iOS (mobile phone)
  • Max users: 6

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