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Best Digital Art Software
Best Digital Art Software

Best Digital Art Software for Drawing and Painting

If you are looking for some top-notch digital art software for sketching, illustration, sketching, sketching and more for designers and amateur professionals. Here are ten of our favorite amenities for artists!

This wide range of art applications come with their own USP (Unique Selling Point), some of which excel at vector graphics while others are unbeatable at making illustrations. You can find design software dedicated to image processing, 3D modeling, freehand drawing, and more in our list of the best (2022) digital arts apps and software for multiple platforms, including Windows, Mac, web, and smartphones.

What Are Digital Art Software?

Digital arts software are dedicated utilities designed for artists to work on emerging art forms, where many traditional drawing and painting techniques are used. This includes watercolor painting, hands-free painting, impasto oil, etc. In addition, these tools are equipped with advanced functions as well to create flawless and futuristic designs.

Best Digital Art Software for Drawing and Painting

Whatever you are looking for in a Drawing, Drawing or Illustration category, here are the best selection of options to help you make the right choice!

1- Adobe Photoshop

PRICE: $9.99 per month in Creative Cloud | $20.99 per month as a standalone app



Adobe Photoshop is a household name and all the credit goes to its simplicity and effectiveness. Digital art software is undoubtedly one of the most resourceful solutions when it comes to world class graphic editing and photo enhancement. Photoshop is not designed purely for images, you can use the tool to create illustrations, design packaging, create banners, logos, websites, icons, and much more. You can take advantage of great pre-loaded templates and plugins to get professional-looking output.

2- Corel Painter

PRICE: $429 one-time purchase



Corel Painter brings the perfect combination of tools and features to create both traditional paintings and futuristic designs in one place. Corel Painter is a popular app mostly used for making Canvas Art, book covers, illustrations and many more. It even allows you to save your personal collection of brushes, pencils, and presets to apply the same strokes. The digital art software has a unique ‘film’ feature that allows you to combine multiple drawings and paintings to create storyboards. Fabulous, isn’t it? Let us know what makes Corel Painter one of the best digital art software on the market.

3- Rebelle 4

PRICE: One-time purchase – $89.99 | Discounts for Students, Educators & Educational Institutions



Rebelle 4 is a powerful digital drawing app that comes with an impressive set of drawing tools, sparkling effects, and plenty of natural drawing tools to enhance your artistic skills. For amateur artists, Rebelle 4 offers an introductory tutorial to help users better understand digital art software. It contains an amazing set of brushes, pencils, ballpoint pens, watercolor paints, acrylic paints, markers, airbrushes and a powerful eraser.

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4- Krita


COMPATIBILITY: Windows, Mac & Linux


Krita is one of the best digital art software designed for artists to create comprehensive and realistic artistic illustrations and drawings with the help of a wide range of drawing and coloring tools. The app has a modern looking user interface with a black theme with a wide feature set available on the main window. With Krita, you get CMYK support, the ability to do HDR Painting, smudge effects, add texture, spray, duplicate, distort, and more.

5- Affinity Designer

PRICE: $34.99

COMPATIBILITY: Windows, Mac & iPad


Affinity Designer is a great choice for intermediate and advanced users to create masterpieces digitally. With this drawing and illustration software, you get a variety of tools, such as pencils, brushes, pixel editing options, photo retouching features, and more. Additionally, this digital art software gives you the ability to do layer manipulation and control alignment, arrangement of objects, rotation, flip and more.

6- Adobe Illustrator

PRICE: Free Trial | Starting from $20.99 per month



You must already be familiar with this popular and professional vector graphics app for designing digital illustrations and graphics and developing compelling web/video/mobile content. Adobe Illustrator is the best digital art software that comes with features like live distortion, adding 3D effects, symbols, shape blending, and more. Unlike most digital arts utilities, Adobe Illustrator supports multimedia design. Hence, the layout adapts to preferences, regardless of whether it is for print, digital publishing, or for a suitable mobile display. Very useful, isn’t it?

7- CorelDRAW

PRICE: Free Trial | $249 per year

COMPATIBILITY: Windows, Mac, web, iPad, and other mobile devices


CorelDRAW is a leading graphics suite used by professional and advanced designers all over the world. The digital art tool is very popular in the market for creating attractive logos, ad banners and complete websites. Apart from being an expert in the vector graphics software category, CorelDRAW also excels in page layout software, so you can easily design complete stationery such as business cards, logos, letterhead, catalog and more. Let’s check out some of the major advantages and downsides that come with this digital art solution (2022).

8- YouiDraw Drawing

PRICE: $9.99 per month

COMPATIBILITY: Web | Supports Chrome, Opera Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer & more

Don’t want to install any additional software on your device? Choose anything other than YouiDraw. An amazing web app for creating cool art around vector graphics. It offers a complete set of essential facilities to turn your imagination into reality. It has a powerful image editor, ready-to-use templates, and the ability to combine and edit separate components in one place. In addition, you can use the extensive library of shapes to create top-notch logos and icons.

9- Paint 3D




Get the ability to create, customize, print or share drawings, paintings, and illustrations with Paint 3D. It is a suitable choice for beginners, intermediate and advanced users, all thanks to the clarity of the interface and its support for a variety of image editing and doodling features. It even supports popular file formats and the fact that it is an upgraded version of the default MS Paint, you can definitely count on the reliability factor, makes it one of the best digital art software to use in 2022.

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